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Bollywood film Don 2 premier in Helsinki

The premier of the Bollywood movie Don 2 in Helsinki was a big success. It was sold out in three days. :)

Behind this screening was a group of young Indians and Finnish people who calls themselves Bollywood Frost Entertainments. The idea is to bring Indian culture to Finland as organizing film events with dance shows and bazaars. I'm happy to tell you, that I'm one of the organizers. :) Bringing Don 2 to Finland was a dream come true for me.

So here's a review about the event and the movie. Enjoy. :)

The screening of Don 2 was in movie theater Orion at 26th of December. We arrived there about an hour before the screening and there were already people waiting outside of the theater.

The atmosphere of the event was awesome. You could see that everyone were really enjoying the film. People were whistling and clapping when the main character Don was introduced in the film. Same thing happened when Hrithik Roshan did a cameo in the film. :D

Because Bollywood movies are quite long, there are usually a intermission in the film.  During the intermission I saw people catching up with friends. Some Finnish people were also interested about the posters which were on sale.

Here's some pictures of the event:

Elokuvateatteri Orion

Posters of Don 2 were nicely placed.

First people arrived an hour before the movie started.

Soon there was a queue.

Bringing movie fans together.

There were also cool posters for sale!

Taken about 15 minutes before the movie started.

The film itself was really good. An action movie with twists. :) Don 2 was located mostly in Berlin, but also in Malaysia. Shahrukh Khan was great as Don: Arrogant, sexy, bold and flirtatious. Priyanka Chopra was kick-ass Interpol agent with none of the typical Bollywood heroine traits. She was tough, cool and most importantly Independent! Boman Irani did a great negative role as sidekick goon. And Kunal Kapoor brought fresh air to the genre as sympathetic hacker. 

The cinematographer of the film is a newcomer Jason West. Before Don 2, he shot films Rock On!! and Delhi Belly. The visually of the film is on a par with Hollywood film. I just can imagine how cool the film will look as 3D! The director and one of the producers is Farhan Akhtar. He's well-known, multi talented, director-producer-actor-singer. He is one of the owners of the Excel Entertainment company.

If I have to say something negative about the film, the musical scenes (there's 2, I recall) weren't good. I didn't liked either the music or choreography. Otherwise the music was really good. Work of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. And I have to say, I really enjoy the theme music of Don. ;)

I'm a big fan of the 1978 Don, so it was interesting to see how they could work up with the story to make a sequel. I think they did a great job.

For your information. There is going to be 3 more screenings in Helsinki Kino K-13. Friday 30.12.2011, Saturday 7.1 and Sunday 15.1.2012. Tickets to the Friday screening are already on sale. There are limited amount of seats, so please book your tickets soon! Check: Also more information from Bollywood Frost website and Facebook page. Also, you can get tickets from the venue itself. Just remember to bring cash with you.

The age limit is K-18, because the distributor didn't have the time to get the movie classified from Finnish Board of Film Classification. There are plans to get it classified, so that's good news for all the youngsters! :)

Check out the reviews of the movie from Times of India and Film Journal -web pages.

And please spread the news to your friends, family and colleagues! :)

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