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New screening of Chennai Express 18.8.2013

Great news! The screening of Chennai Express was sold out last Sunday and because there were many people who didn't get in, Intia-keskus decided to have another screening! This is wonderful, because the movie is awesome. I'm even planning to go to see it second time! :)

The main plot is quite common: "Rahul embarks on a journey to a small town in Tamil Nadu to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather: to have his ashes immersed in the Holy water of Rameshwaram. En route, he falls in love with the daughter of a don (gangster). As they find love through this journey in the exuberant lands of South India, an unanticipated drive awaits them." But the magic in the film is an excellent acting by Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan. Finally we have a director who wants his actors to act and not to just hang around. Chennai Express is basically comedy film which has action scenes. And even the action scenes has lots of comedy in it. For people who have seen many Bollywood films, specially Shahrukh's ones, the film offers bunch of inside jokes. The movie also has lots of jokes which just continues and continues.. and just when you think how long they're going to lengthen the joke, there will come another one. And it works!

Here's one example of one joke which continues thru the film. If you don't want to be spoiled before seeing the movie, I suggest not to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al-Vt6SgdpQ

The first half of the movie is action comedy, (more of comedy than action) and there's only one dance scene. After the Intermission the movie starts very slowly, having lots of romance, drama and finally it turns to violent action (which is quite common in Bollywood). On the second half of the movie there's couple really beautiful musical scenes which has been shot and edited nicely. Nowadays it's rare to have a film which has lots of good songs in it and this film has it. Well, I like the songs of Chennai Express, they are catchy and make you smile.

So if you want to be entertained, this is your movie! :)

Here's a review from Hollywood Reporter and Zeenews.
Here's my last blog post of Chennai Express.

Chennai Express with English subtitles
Sunday 18.08.2013 at 14:00
Place: SES Auditorio Kino K-13 (Kanavakatu 12, Katajanokka, Helsinki)

Tickets: 17€
Kids are also permitted all age with parent / guardian. Children sitting on the lap of their parents are free.

Payment can make to Nordea account  FI47 1014 3500 1572 31 , Säästöpankki 405549-2106075 or Danske bank FI05 8000 2936 2482 92 . After paid please inform by email in@intian.fi

Tickets can be also collected from Intia Yrjönkatu 8 ,Helsinki (city center)
Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00 and Sat 11.00-14.00

Bookings tel. 041 5033790 or email in@intian.fi

Unsold tickets also at the theater 30 minutes before the show.
There are free parking places at cinema and also nearby the cinema.

Check out the Facebook event.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Make sure that you get a proper seat to watch it, last week it was disgusting as the organizers overbooked and made to sit on the walkways with bad chairs.. and also the movie is total shit.. No worth watching in a movie theater giving 17 euros.

Reetta kirjoitti...

I was there too and I saw how many people there were. That's why the organizers are having this new show that everyone can get to see it. They weren't expecting so many people wanting to see the film.

I like the movie and I think most of the people in the audience liked it too. :)

What I've been talking to the organizers the film cost a lot to bring to Finland (thousands of euros) and including the rent of the theater they had to ask 17€.