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Bollywood play Temporary Lives 26.4.2014 at 7pm at Kanneltalo

You must been wondering the silence here in blog. Where are all the updates..?
Well, I can happily tell that I have been very busy with directing my new play. :)

2 years ago I directed Ek Kahani - Love Story which was a huge hit here in Helsinki. We had 2 shows, one in May and one in September 2012 at Cultural Center Caisa.

Check out this lovely article (Finnish only):

Last Fall I started planning a new play. I had an idea of an Indian family, separated living in different countries. The idea came when I heard about the problems which Indians are facing when living abroad.


Temporary Lives is the story of an Indian family divided to live on two continents, their joys and sorrows. The mother and father are living alone in India. The daughter, Priya, is about to graduate in France. Returning home means getting married, and in India, marriages are arranged. The son, Pankaj, is living in Finland with his family during an onsite assignment. Pankaj has adapted to the new country but his wife Anjali is having trouble adjusting. What does destiny have in store for them? Come and find out! 

Acting practice
I started to write the script with Laura Kunnas, who has also a very nice knowledge about Indian culture.

For me, it was very important to have different dance groups and teachers as part of the play. So I asked Royal Bollywood, Bolly Beat Dancers and Kamal Kanhaiya Entertainments to join the play. They all agreed which was wonderful. I also asked my dear actors and dancers from Ek Kahani play and we also held an audition from where we got many lovely and talented dancers.

Ilona Kolachana teaching the steps at the audition.

Rumpa Saha, Sari Breilin and Hanna Mannila as judges.

And can you imagine. All of us are working for free. It's about the love for Indian culture, love for acting and dancing, love for experiencing something unique together. At the moment we have only one show booked at Kanneltalo, but we are hoping that we could have the play performed several times in different cities in Finland. And as one of my friends said, How cool is that, to have Bollywood play here in Finland. Yep, it's gonna be an amazing experience for the audience and for the performers as well!

Here are few pictures from the dance practices:

Check out the trailer:

Actors in main roles are Rumpa Saha, Amardeep Singh Bassi, Uma Jagadeesa, Sudhindra B S, Arti Sudhindra and Prerna Sudhindra.

I made some behind the scenes videos. 

There's only week left and we all are very excited.

And for technical failures, we are prepared!

 For more information and updates from Temporary Lives:

Temporary Lives 
Sat 26.4.2014 at 19:00
Kanneltalo (Klaneettitie 5), Kannelmäki

Language of the play is English.
No age limit.

To get your tickets, read the info here.

Temporary Lives at Facebook.
Our event at Kanneltalo's page. (Click In English)

The organizers of the play are Royal Bollywood ry and Indian Classical & Contemporary Dance Society Finland, Bolly Beat Dance School & Bolly Beat Dancers ry.  ♥

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