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Irrfan Khanin suosio Hollywoodissa jatkuu

The amazing adventures of Irrfan Khan
By: Subhash K Jha   Date:  2012-02-26

Unlike the blink-and-you-miss-it appearances of others from Bollywood who have tried to cross over to Hollywood, Irrfan Khan's roles in both The Amazing Spiderman and Ang Lee's Life Of Pi are reportedly prominent. 
While Anil Kapoor's presence in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol might have been miniscule, it appears that Irrfan Khan's role as the villain in The Amazing Spiderman, and upcoming international project, Ang Lee's Life of Pi, will be anything but.

In fact, Lee summoned Khan, who finished shooting his scenes for Life of Pi a few months ago, to film more scenes. 
When contacted the actor confirmed the news. "It's true. I've to go to New York and Los Angeles for Ang Lee's film. And not just once or twice, but several times over and above the shooting dates I had previously allotted." 
However, despite having shot extensively for The Amazing Spiderman, the actor is unsure how much screen time he will be allocated. He said, "I've shot extensively for the film.

But no one can predict how the role will finally turn out. In Mira Nair's The Namesake, I didn't think I had much of a role but I was surprised to see the eventual result. But yes, as of now, my role in Spiderman is not a small one."

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