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Indian Classical Music Evening with Sitar and Tabla at Tampere-talo.

Tampere-talossa tapahtuu!

4.8.2011 klo 19:30-20:30 klassisen intialaisen musiikin konsertti!
Tapahtuma on maksuton. :)

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Pleasure to welcome you to Indian Classical Music Evening at Cafe Soolo, Tampere Talo (www.tampere-talo.fi). Presenting a confluence of Sitar and Tabla on 4th August 2011 at 7.30 PM.

Sitar is a melodious String Instrument from Hindusthani classical Music. Anetro Mentu planning to explore Raag Yaman with Aalap-Jod, progressing to Madhya Laya (medium pace) and Drut Laya (fast pace) in 10 bit Cycle of Taal Jhaptaal. Finale of this composition is played in Drut Laya (fast pace) in 12 bit Cycle of Taal Ektaal.

While Raag is a Soulful Tonal Cylce arranged as per time of the day and mood of mind, Taal is rhythmic cycle having combination of number of bits, accompanied on percussion instrument.

Antero has learned Sitar from Pandit Sanjay Guha and he is planning to explore beauty of Raag Yaman. Antero is accompanied by Ajey Gotkhindikar on Tabla. Ajey is student of Shri Kamalakar Ji Joshi, from Nashik, a town in state of Maharashtra, India.

Cafe Soolo, at Tampere Talo, offers wonderful ambiance which has a capacity of 60 people and has a beautiful extended terrace accommodating 100 people. Come and enjoy wonderful eveing with Indian Classical Music at this place.

Welcome All !
This event is free !

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