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Indian and Nepalese restaurants in Restaurant Day 19.5.2012

Good news! The next Restaurant Day is 19.5.2012!
I collected here few Indian and Nepalese restaurants in Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Turku and Lahti.

Mumbai Chaat Center

12:00 - 20:00 Hakaniemi, Helsinki
Price: 6 €

Spicy Indian street (chaat) food in Hakaniemi

Would you like to taste the flavors of Bollywood in your own town? Bringing to you a melange of all the delectable chaat items you’ll ever taste.

The restaurant will serve favorite chaat (snacks) that is sold on Mumbai streets.
The mouth watering sweet and tangy ‘gol-gappas’ or Pani-puris (Tangy mint and tamrind water-filled small puris) packed with a spicy punch, the crisp yet deliciously crumbly ‘papri-chaat’ with sweet and sour tamarind chutney and chilled yogurt and the boss of all chat items the must eat ‘Bhel-puri’ (puffed rice, along with spicy and mouth watering sauces or chutneys) with a vast combination of flavors and textures.

Our chaat restaurant will surely leave you craving for more!!

We will set up our restaurant near Indian-African Market in front of Kauppahalli, Hakaniemi.
Contact No: +358 46 596 1338

Link to the Restarant Day page here.


Rohiparag’s Dakshin

14:00 - 17:00  Albertinkatu 19, Helsinki
Price: 4€

Have Idli-Chutney break!

Dakshin means ‘South’ in Hindi. Our restaurant will be putting up the South Indian delicacy ‘Idli-chutney’ on Ravintola day to be held on 19th May 2012.
Idli is a dumpling made of split urad dal & semolina (Idli rava).
Chutney is a dip primarily made of tomato & onion ground with Indian herbs & spices.

Takeaway available.

Link to the Restarant Day page here.


kasvisravintola (take away) 

10:00 - 18:00 Malminhaankuja 5, Espoo
Price: 6 €

mix vegitables with non hot to mild hot indian spices specialy curry ,with tomato sous,basmati rice,salad and 1 sämpylä

kasvisravintola(take away)
i am going to make indian healthy food base on ayurveda
indian kasvis curry (mild) and less hot
with basmati rice and salad and sampylä
6 euro take away(few people can eat at my home too)
more information please contact me

Link to the Restarant Day page here.


Bhanchha Ghar-Nepali Kitchen

12:00 - 21:00  Lemunkuja 3, Helsinki
Price: 6 €

Real taste of Nepal

Bhanchha Ghar-Nepali Kitchen group invites you to celebrate Ravintola Päivää with delicious Nepali delicacies along with traditional Nepali music.

Menu for the event … Price/serving

1) Samosa “Deep fried flour wrap stuffed with vegetables” (2 pcs) 5€

2) Veg. Pakauda “Veg Ball-Cabbage, Gram flour” (4 pcs) 5€

3) Non-Veg. Pakauda “ Meat ball-Chicken, Gram flour” (4 pcs) 5€

4) Momo “Chicken Dumpling- Nepali Style” (6 pcs) 5€

5) Lal Mohan “A popular Nepali sweet dish” (2 pcs) 5€

6) Nepali Tea “ With Nepali Spices” 1€

7) Set “All of the above items mixed in a set” 10€

Note: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 7 is served with Nepalese salad and tomato pickle. All of the dishes are prepared according to the traditional Nepalese way. Welcome!

Link to the Restarant Day page here.


Govindas Bengali Cuisine

12:00 - 15:00  Ruoholahdenkatu 24, Helsinki
Price: 8 €

Bengali Cuisine Delicious Veg Meal with lot of taste and harmony/
Bengali-keittiön hyväilevät herkut

Original, world famous, karma-free, vegetarian Bengali-lunch available again in Kamppi (Helsinki), as extra bonus peaceful and meditative atmosphere, Welcome to Ruoholahdenkatu 24 D, 3. floor

Aitoa, alkuperäistä, maailmankuulua, karmavapaata Bengali-keittiön kasvislounasta tarjolla stadissa Kampin kulmilla, bonuksena rauhaisa ja meditatiivinen ilmapiiri, tervetuloa Ruoholahdenkatu 24 D, sisäpiha, 3.krs

* Palak-paneer
* Cacchari
* Dalna
* Pakora
* Rice/riisi
* Chutney
* Nimbu-drink/juoma
* sweet/makeinen
8 euros

* samosa (eli kasvispiiras)
* chutney
* sweet/makeinen
* drink/juoma
4 euros

Lassi/smoothie 2-4€

Link to the Restarant Day page here.


Govinda Lassi, Smoothie & Snack Bar in Espa Park

11:00 - 16:00  Esplanadinpuisto, Helsinki
Price: 4 €
Govinda Lassi, Smoothie and Snack Bar in The Park Espa, Helsinki

We celebrate spring in Govinda Snack Bar in Espa Park
Come and taste India in lassi, smoothies, samosas and sweets!

Kevään kunniaksi Govinda Snack Bar jalkautuu Espan puistoon.
Tule maistelemaan kuuluisia lassejamme, smoothieita, pikkusuolaisia ja makeisia! Intia maistuu niissä, tottakai!

Link to the Restarant Day page here.


Café KTM

16:00 - 19:00  Kyyhkysmäki 3, Espoo
Price: 4 €

Café KTM brings you the authentic exotic taste of Kathmandu food culture along with Art Exhibition.

At home · Indoors

Café KTM at Ravintola Paivä brings you the authentic exotic taste of Kathmandu food culture along with Art Exhibition.

We will serve you
1. Nepali Tea ( authentic traditional taste of Nepali tea with heavenly smells of cardamom and cloves) 1 €/ cup

2. MoMo (dumplings filled with grounded chicken meat & natural spices flavoured serving warm after steamed ) 5 €/ 8 pcs with pickle

3. Pakauda ( vegetable coated with gram flour,deep fried ) 2€/5 pcs with pickle

We treat our guest with Nepali flavored Hospitality.

Art Exhibition will add you a unique experience of fun and eating, featuring by artist lari Rantalainen and Photographer Binod Gurung. This Exhibition is a colloection of paintings and photographs taken over the years in Finland.

Background music is played to give you a cozy environment
We ensure a great time on that day. :)

Café KTM Group

Link to the Restarant Day page here.


IntiaMatkat – Experience Indian Food!

14:00 - 19:00  Maijalankatu 9, Tampere
Price: 4 €

Authentic Indian home made food

Come and Enjoy Indian home made food!
Various Spicy and non-spicy healthy options available.
Main Dish: Paav-Bhaji, Dahi-wada and Indian Masala Chai (Tea)
Dessert : Gajar (Carrot) Halwa!

On Restaurant Day IntiaMatkat will be bring the taste of Authentic Indian food with mix of enchanting Indian experience. Come and taste home made food with spicy and non-spicy healthy option. Understand why Indian food is like the way it is made.
More enthusiasts can learn some Indian food recipe on the fly.

Tentative Menu:
Paav-Bhaji – 5 EUR
Dahi-Wada – 3 EUR
Indian Masala Chai (Tea) – 2 EUR
Gajar (Carrot) Halwa

IMP : Profit generated from this event will go towards Charity of Tribal Education in India.

Max. Participants : 30
Kindly book your time slot in advance by sending message or calling at 0504839418, in order to avoid inconvenience.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Ravintola Päivänä IntiaMatkat tarjoaa sinulle kiehtovan Intia-elämyksen aidon kotitekoisen ruoan kera! Tule rohkeasti maistelemaan ! Tarjoamme sekä tulisempia että miedompia vaihtoehtoja terveellisistä intialaisista ruokalajeista. Samalla jaamme myös tietoa intialaisesta ruokakulttuurista. Innokkaimmat kokeilunhaluiset kokkaajat voivat myös saada mukaansa ruokareseptejä.

Paav- Bhaji 5e
Dahi -Wada 3e
Intialainen mausteinen tee – 2 e

Huom! Päivän aikana saamamme taloudellinen voitto menee lyhentämättömänä Intian heimoalueiden kehitystyöhön ( Charity of Tribal Education in India)

Voimme vastaanottaa n.30 ruokailijaa.
Pyydämme että teet varauksesi joko lähettämällä viestin tai soittamalla meille. Puh: 050-48394 18.

Link to the Restarant Day page here.



13:00 - 16:00  Järvensivuntie 7 B 5, Tampere
Price: 6 €

Intialaista kasvisruokaa suomalaiseen tyyliin

Järvensivulla tarjoillaan lauantaina intialaista kasvisruokaa! (osoite: Järvensivuntie 7 B 5)

Join us on a journey as we take you to the far corners of India with our unique fusion of Indian cuisine created in a warm and homely environment. With three Chefs and a Waiter you’ll be sure that your taste buds will be tingling and your belly’s bulging. (Address: Järvensivuntie 7 B 5)


Lentil Korma + Black Eyed Pea and Mushroom Sauce with Basmati Rice
Chucumber Salad (contains nuts)
Home made Naan bread

Linssikormaa ja mustasilmäpapu-sienikastiketta basmatiriisin kera
Chucumber-salaattia (sisältää pähkinää)
kotona valmistettua naan-leipää

Price: 5€ per meal

Link to the Restarant Day page here.


Intialainen ravintola Annapurna

12:00 - 17:00  Stålarminkatu 3, Turku
Price: 4 €

Osana Martin Kulttuuriolohuoneen KIRJAvaa-puistotapahtumaa toimii intialaistyyppinen ravintola Annapurna, jossa tarjoillaan kohtuuhintaista kasvisruokaa.

Kasvisbiryani + naanleipä
Nan khatai

“Annapurna on hindulaisen mytologian ruoan, ruoanlaiton ja elonkorjuun jumalatar”


Link to the Restaurant Day page here.


Ravintola Profiili

13:00 - 16:00  Alpilakatu 5, Lahti
Price: 8 €

Intia saapui Profiiliin!

Tervetuloa nauttimaan intialaistyyppistä ruokaa Nuorisotalo Profiiliin edukkaaseen hintaan.
Nuorisotalo Profiilin nuorten valmistamaa ja tarjoilemaa ruokaa löytyy niin liha- kuin kasvisversionakin.

Menu sisältää kanakormaa tai kukkakaalicurrya riisin ja naan-leivän kera sekä jälkiruoaksi maustekakkua ja kahvi/tee.

Aterian hinta jälkiruokineen n.8€ ja kahvi/tee+kakku 1,5€.

Poikkea nauttimaan intialaisesta tunnelmasta ruuan tai vaikka kahvihetken merkeissä!

Link to the Restaurant Day page here.

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